chilao <3 8.21.16

i promised myself that 2016 would be a year of adventure, and boy has it blown me out of the water. there have been lots of new challenges, friendships, explorations, learning curves, and love.

davis whisked me away to chilao for a lovely night of camping, followed by a 4 mile morning hike directly up to the summit of mount baden powell. i was extremely nervous for this hike, as i'm not in the best shape, but we made it up to the top in about 3.5 hours. little did i know, davis had something up his sleeve :D

we ate salami and cheese on an old tree trunk while taking in the summit views and met a new friend named david. i'm so happy we met him, as he was the guy who took our last photo as "boyfriend and girlfriend." 

i'll never forget the moment davis got down on one knee. i've always known we were meant to be together forever, but when that moment actually hit, it was honestly the best feeling in the world. i must have had a big ol' stupid smile on my face the entire way down, because at one point, davis looked back and said, "what are you doing back there?" as a million happy thoughts were running through my brain.

to top it off, i came home to a huge surprise party at our house, filled with our closest friends and champagne. we laughed and danced for hours.

this trip was really special. not only had we accomplished our first summit together, but we left that mountain as each other's fiancés. SO RAD. 

i can confidently say that this was the happiest day of my life. cheers to 5.5 years as kimmie perl and davis torgerson. now how about that torgerson wedding...

*side note, my ring didn't fit at the top due to swollen fingers at such a high elevation, hence the images of me just holding it. it now fits perfectly <33333



solvang | 7.9.16

my best friend anna and i took a day trip to solvang, ca, which is about 2 hours north of los angeles. it's a rare occasion when we both can hang out on a saturday, so i was stoked we were able to make it happen. 

we drove up the coast with our 2 pups and made it in time for some lunch brews & brats. we meandered our way around the tiny dutch world and indulged on some much needed ice cream cones.

on the way back we stopped at a dog beach in santa barbara. finn & june were the happiest buds.

sequoia | 7.17.16

it was our first time to sequoia with our good friends maria, morgan, andrew and brittany. we endured a pretty intense 8-9 mile hike, mostly going upwards, but along the way we kept being amused by the humongous trees. as you can probably tell, pictures don't do these magical giants justice. 

props to my friends for letting me keep my slow pace :D

pappy & harriet's | 6.11.16

there is no shortage of fun when my friends and i get together, especially when it's someone's birthday. a few of us were able to gather at pappy & harriet's in pioneertown for kait's 27th birthday this past june.


mount waterman | 5.14.16

we visited this exact place & loop back in january when the forest was blanketed in snow. it was amazing to see the bare floor and trail that lead us around for 8 miles. this day was literally perfect - bubbly and all.

vasquez rocks | 4.17.16

4.17.16 - vasquez is just as cool as the first time, except, now it's snake season. and we for sure heard a rattle in the midst of all of the brush - you can only imagine our reactions. pure panic. next time, we will stay on the trail :D

leo carillo | 4.19.16

4.9.16 - our private, salty air escape! visiting this place is a win win for me, as i get to relax and finn gets to run wild. this beach is our go to every few weeks - it's a great atmosphere to unwind with the pup and enjoy some fresh air. this time around, our fave friends came along! britt (14 years of friendship, i'll always be grateful for this one), luna and nolan are the best company. 

keeping this place a secret, because well, we like having the beach to ourselves :D

las virgenes canyon | 3.18.16

3.18.16 - finn and i discovered probably one of the most beautiful "hidden" places in los angeles. an incredibly vast area of open land, las virgenes canyon in calabasas is MAGIC. we went in the early morning before the sun came out to play, and it turned out to be one of the most stunning hikes i've been on in a long time. it was super refreshing to see the natural greenery amidst all of the dewy morning weather. i honestly can say, i've never seen finn so stoked. he ran and ran and ran throughout those hills. i'm so happy we visited this place before the summer hit.

3.25.16 - we had to show davis (a pretty rare moment when we all get to hike together, as davis is always out of town or working during the weekends) this place before the greenery vanished for the summer. this time, it was pretty sunny, and nonetheless beautiful.

vasquez rocks | 2.21.16

finn and i are sticking to our new year's resolution of exploring as many new places as possible, and the location this time was Vasquez Rocks. it's a place that has been used for lots of movie and tv sets, particularly the Flintstones and Star Trek. the enormous slabs of rock truly create a remarkable atmosphere that resides about an hour away from los angeles. i feel so lucky to be able to spend a few hours of my weekend in places such as these.

we were accompanied by our best buds britt, luna, nolan and taylor for this adventure. we roamed aimlessly for about 5 miles, taking paths that really lead to nowhere. that's the most fun part about hiking sometimes, you're not really sure where you're going to end up next. 

big sur | 1.30.16

davis and i celebrated our 5th year together in this dream world - 2800 private acres to ourselves. the freshest smells, calmest atmosphere, and the most crisp air i've felt in a long time. i can't even begin to describe the words i felt when i was engulfed in this paradise, but one thing i found is that i am most present when i'm in nature. there was no dependence on the internet to entertain every aspect of my mind, answer any question i had, or tell me what the weather was going to be. there was no instant gratification at my fingertips or somebody to talk to at all times. i gotta say, it was super awesome. i think when we feel the most "helpless" (aka how do you cook a pizza on a stovetop? mmm because change of plans, the oven isn't working) is actually when we feel the most alive. you're entirely in the moment, figuring out how to simply move with the time. it's amazing.

i've been camping before, far away from society with no cell service, but here i felt completely different. maybe it's because we were the only souls (besides Richard, the owner of the property) that was prowling the land. we had fresh eggs from his chickens, watched the wild sea lions, drank coronas and champagne, fell asleep to the running river and awoke to the trees.

it sure was a great place to sit & watch the world go by.

disconnecting and being surrounded by the mountains is my absolute favorite thing in the world. what's yours?

designspiration #2

crisp light + blurry movements


I recently visited Buckhorn, a tucked away gem in the middle of Angeles National Forest. My best friend Anna + our two dogs made for a very peaceful & refreshing getaway. We hiked for about 7 miles, stopping at a watering hole in the middle of our journey. No service, silence and the freshest air - I'll always be grateful for moments such as these.