big sur | 1.30.16

davis and i celebrated our 5th year together in this dream world - 2800 private acres to ourselves. the freshest smells, calmest atmosphere, and the most crisp air i've felt in a long time. i can't even begin to describe the words i felt when i was engulfed in this paradise, but one thing i found is that i am most present when i'm in nature. there was no dependence on the internet to entertain every aspect of my mind, answer any question i had, or tell me what the weather was going to be. there was no instant gratification at my fingertips or somebody to talk to at all times. i gotta say, it was super awesome. i think when we feel the most "helpless" (aka how do you cook a pizza on a stovetop? mmm because change of plans, the oven isn't working) is actually when we feel the most alive. you're entirely in the moment, figuring out how to simply move with the time. it's amazing.

i've been camping before, far away from society with no cell service, but here i felt completely different. maybe it's because we were the only souls (besides Richard, the owner of the property) that was prowling the land. we had fresh eggs from his chickens, watched the wild sea lions, drank coronas and champagne, fell asleep to the running river and awoke to the trees.

it sure was a great place to sit & watch the world go by.

disconnecting and being surrounded by the mountains is my absolute favorite thing in the world. what's yours?