las virgenes canyon | 3.18.16

3.18.16 - finn and i discovered probably one of the most beautiful "hidden" places in los angeles. an incredibly vast area of open land, las virgenes canyon in calabasas is MAGIC. we went in the early morning before the sun came out to play, and it turned out to be one of the most stunning hikes i've been on in a long time. it was super refreshing to see the natural greenery amidst all of the dewy morning weather. i honestly can say, i've never seen finn so stoked. he ran and ran and ran throughout those hills. i'm so happy we visited this place before the summer hit.

3.25.16 - we had to show davis (a pretty rare moment when we all get to hike together, as davis is always out of town or working during the weekends) this place before the greenery vanished for the summer. this time, it was pretty sunny, and nonetheless beautiful.